Oakbay Consulting

All of our workshops use a combination of short lectures, exercises, stories, and discussions to help participants learn theory, practice new skills, and develop personalized plans for putting ideas into action. Here's a short description of each of the most popular topics:


Whether you are trying to persuade clients to pay you the fees you deserve or asking vendors for a discount, your organization needs to maximize the amount of value it can get at the negotiating table. We can help your employees learn how to gain substance while building long-term, sustainable relationships. 

Conflict Management

Even the smartest and most competent people encounter conflict in their professional lives. These workshops will help participants learn how to identify opportunities for growth, surmount challenges, and handle disputes in a productive and professional way. We also train managers to handle conflict among direct reports and foster better collaboration. 

Effective Conversations

How can we disagree without being disagreeable? How can we share bad news in our organization without demoralizing our employees? This training helps participants approach a wide range of difficult discussions with more confidence and capacity for learning. 

Gender and Negotiation
Women face unique obstacles at the negotiating table. Both male and female counterparts may hold inflexible expectations that make it difficult for women to negotiate value and build relationships. These data-driven workshops share recent research on how to be effective in the modern corporate world.