Oakbay Consulting

Welcome to Oakbay Consulting. 

We have been helping people manage conflict and conduct more effective conversations for over a decade.  We offer a wide range of services, from negotiation training to mediation to facilitation.  We help Fortune 500 companies, law firms, local non-profits, governmental agencies, and individual executives build collaborative relationships and create real value.

Oakbay Consulting offers trainings on negotiation, communication, facilitation, and conflict management skills.  We also teach women to handle the unique obstacles they face at the negotiating table.  Our trainings range from half-day programs to weeklong courses, but our most popular workshops are two-day seminars.  In addition, Oakbay Consulting mediates disputes, facilitates conversations, trains trainers, and coaches individuals. 

When you need to handle the economic pressures of a difficult economy, manage a fractious team, persuade decisionmakers, refocus your group, capture more value, or reach across the table, Oakbay Consulting can help.

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